Handheld chalkboard with thought bubble drawn on it and actual lightbulb sitting in thought bubble.

Cool. What's it for? Thoughts you can Expect to See Here


When sharing with others that I've completed my personal site, the response (especially from non-tech people) is generally along the lines of, "Cool. What's it for?"

The "tagline" offers clues:

drupal developer. php programmer. artist. poet.

drupal developer. php programmer.

The first and foremost reason I created this site was to learn, and I will continue using it to learn. Playing around with new functionality and technologies in a sandbox is all well and good, but there's something to said for doing it on a real site, even if it is a simple personal one.

I'll also be sharing thoughts and learnings around Drupal and PHP. These will likely range from the framework and language themselves to the wider community. Relatedly, I may also share thoughts around the workplace and environment.

artist. poet.

Lately I've been getting back into drawing and writing poetry. I plan to share thoughts about the two and some of my pieces on this site.

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